Facebook has had constant changes over the past few years, introducing new features and redesigns of their popular website.

Out of those changes, a new photo viewer has emerged with a large black rectangle framing around the picture itself.? This theater view has been subject to a popular amount of criticism that shockingly enough has not been addressed by Mark Zuckerberg and the team at Facebook.

If you’re someone who preferred the old ways of viewing pictures in Facebook, use these steps to remove the new Facebook photo viewer.

The new Facebook theater photo view is pretty annoying to navigate through.? It makes another unnecessary pop up viewer in your browser that compiles the photo on top of a black backdrop with limited ways to move back and forth between pictures.


There are a couple ways to remove this viewing option which can either be done with or without the use of browser plugins.

The first method to removing the theater view is to refresh the page by a CNTRL+F5 command on the keyboard for Windows machines or a FN+F5 on a Mac OS.? Refreshing the page will remove the theater box and resort back to the old viewing style.

One can also remove the “&theater” from the URL as well:

Once that has been removed, hit enter and similar to the refresh option, it will reload the page without the theater photo view.

For those of you users out there who do not want an extra step or browse Facebook so much that even a refresh might become tedious to you, use a browser plugin.

Google Chrome Extensions:

Mozilla Firefox Add-on:


Enjoy your new photo viewing experience…or well…old photo viewing experience.