My computer is infected with Security Tool, the impostor anti-virus. Is there
anyway to get rid of this pest. It already backed itself up in my computer and
my scanners won’t find it.

Removing programs like Security Tool can be a bit of a process and challenge but it can be done.? Security Tool likes to control the scanners you run to try and remove it by altering the core files of the programs itself so it cannot find the rogue spyware program.

To remove Security Tool, we’ll have to try a couple of steps that will terminate the process of Security Tool and then another that will go in and remove the actual program.

To start, we must close the process of the program so it does not try to interfere with the cleaning.? Download RKill and double click on the file.? Allow it to run its course and stop any programs…do NOT reboot after the process is complete or make any other changes that will allow the program to start up again.

Next, download Malwarebytes? Anti-Malware

  • Download the program from the link above and double click the file ?mbam-setup.exe?
  • Make sure a checkmark is NOT placed next to Update Malwarebytes? Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes? Anti-Malware, then click Finish.

Do not reboot your computer even if the program prompts you too.? The Security Tool program will interfere with the installation core programs and you may receive an error that it is unable to execute file.

If so, download the executable files from here and put it in the C:\program files\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware\ folder on your computer.? Make sure you save it directly from your browser to that folder and do not rename the file even though it looks like a bunch of gibberish.

Once complete, double click that recently downloaded file, open the program, click on the update tab and try to update the program.? Run a full scan and let it find the infected files for Security Tool and any of its friends.

Remove any of the infected files that MBAM finds and reboot your computer.? You’re all clean!? Enjoy!