I recently noticed I had a program of Desktop Weather running on my computer and now I want to get it off.? How do I do that?? I think they make it to easy to install programs rather then get rid of them!? Thanks.

Programs always are easier to install rather then uninstall because a developer always wants you to keep his program!? I’m sure you were annoyed at some of the pop-ups you might’ve received from this program so lets remove it off the computer quick.

Click on the Start Menu on the bottom left corner of your PC.? Navigate to Programs (may be located in your Control Panel icon depending on your operating system( and click on the Weather Channel icon.? Click on the uninstall button and wait for your computer to remove this program from your computer.? You may be prompted to confirm the removal and then asked to reboot.

If the program is not fully uninstalling with this method, navigate to the The Weather Channel FW folder in your Program Files. This directory can be found in the main root of your C:/ Drive from the My Computer icon.? Double click on the Framework folder and copy the UNWISE.exe file and paste it into the previous Weather Channel FW folder.? You will now be able to proceed again with the uninstall!