I need help. I have on my computer smitfraud-c.msvps, while I do have AVG anti
virus program I did scanned 3 times and pressed button to fix problem but then I scanned again and that virus is still on my computer. Anyway to help me to fix this problem? Thank you!

You’ve already identified your computer is infected with smitfraud-c.msvps, a smitfraud trojan. In order to remove the smitfraud-c.msvps, you must use a program specialized to remove these smitfraud trojans! They’ve made it pretty simple, so follow these quick instructions and you should have control of your PC back soon:

First, download SmitfraudFix and extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop. After reboot your computer and restart to safemode. You can do this by taping the F8 KEY somewhat rapidly during system startup. (How to boot into Safemode)

Once you are in safemode, open the SmitfraudFix folder and click on smitfraudfix.cmd. Choose option #2 – Clean by typing 2 and press “Enter” to delete infected files. You will be prompted : “Registry cleaning – Do you want to clean the registry ?”; answer “Yes” by typing Y and press “Enter” in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection. The tool will now check if wininet.dll is infected. You may be prompted to replace the infected file (if found); answer “Yes” by typing Y and press “Enter”. The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process; if it doesn’t, please restart into normal Windows. A text file will appear onscreen, with results from the cleaning process; please save the text file of that report just incase if your cleaning process does not work fully, you can post this log on the forums to better assist a geek!

Re-run AVG Anti-virus, the scan may take some time so you can leave it running on the machine if you are not around. (Do not try to use the machine during this time, only leave AVG open) Remove any found infections. Reboot your PC.

Open the SmitfraudFix folder and click on smitfraudfix.cmd. Select option #3 – Delete Trusted zone by typing 3 and press Enter. Choose Yes to the question “Restore Trusted Zone ?” by typing Y and hit Enter.

After download either CCleaner and ATF Cleaner to your desktop.

For Ccleaner, install and run the program or run the ATF Cleaner.exe and choose the Select All and then Empty Selected! Reboot your machine and let it take a moment to re-group. It should be running back to normal now!