On my friends Macbook, I can print my Word documents to a PDF and then put it on my flash drive.? When I looked for the same thing on my PC at home, it does not have it.? I have Word 2007 and he has Word 2008…is it a feature that was included in that extra year?? Thanks

Apple as been praised for its PDF integration in the operating system including the feature you speak of.? Office 2007 and 2008 both come from Microsoft, but are designed for two entirely different operating systems; the Windows line and the OS X line.? There is a work around for the print to PDF feature on a Windows computer which will allow you to start saving as a PDF document.

To save a document as a PDF, you’ll need to download two programs and install them on your computer.

Download CutePDF and GhostWriter to your computer and install the programs.? You may be prompted to restart your computer after each or individual programs and follow the instructions to do so.? This may take several minutes when it reboots as it is adding “CutePDF” as a potential printer device to your computer.

CutePDF is the program that will do most of the printing and work to convert the document, the latter of the two programs does more of the interpreting work that is considered “behind the scene” stuff.

After your computer has the installed programs loaded, open up a Word document you wish to “print to PDF.”? When you want to save the document as a PDF, simply go to “print” the document, but at the top, choose a new printer then your default setting.? Look for the “CutePDF” option and hit print.? It will prompt you to enter in a path to save the PDF to and it will process the document!