Steve Jobs has a lot to smile about these days, not only is Apple growing into another larger role in the tech community, it has a new toy to market; the 4th iPhone.

The new iPhone is powerful, innovative, brandable and has incredible new features.? The new video chat feature is by far my favorite addition to the new mobile device.

The new question on the market is, “Where can you pre-order your new iPhone 4.”

Pre-ordering your iPhone can be tricky, but if you know the right places, you’ll be the first one to have rights to buy it!

RadioShack- $50 dollar deposit gets you a reserved phone with accessory credit.? The $50 dollars comes off the price of the phone so what do you have to lose?

Best Buy- $50 dollar deposit similar to RadioShack but some stores open early just to celebrate the launch…be first in line.

All other major retailers haven’t released their plans but I would wake up early and call your local Walmart and electronic retailers to see who else may be secretly taking pre-orders.

Let us know whose holding out!