Command prompt is a very useful tool for troubleshooting and figuring out minor and major system problems.? You can use it to find out your internet connection, file system directory or even copy over installation files for a Windows drive.

One of the most annoying problems with command prompt was the inability to paste stuff directly on a command line.

Most people are unaware of the solution as it seems almost too simple and hidden but there is a built in way to use all the same copy and paste features even in command prompt!

When in command prompt, use your mouse to select the top task menu and right click to paste or hit ALT+Spacebar to bring up the hidden menu.

To paste, hit the E key on your keyboard and then “P” to paste on the command line.

This is very useful when you have to move files to a directory or have a very long line to type into command line.

Almost half if not all errors in command prompt are either due to improper commands or typos.

There are some solutions where you can install an AutoHotkey which uses the SendInput script to send in the Ctrl+V command onto the line.