How can I open my Facebook chat window in a separate window so I can see it in a larger window.? It’s too small in the window and that little pop-up is annoying.

Facebook chat is a big finicky, but usually, it works and opening it in a new window is a great idea to see text chats larger.? To open a larger window, we’ll use the options page that comes with Facebook chat and put it in a new window!

When you login to Facebook, open up the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.? If the chat is working, it will show a number of users online and logged in.? Click on the actual gray bar that pops open the “buddy list” where you can view who is online and away.

At the top of the pop up buddy list, look for the options link.? Click on the options link with the gear on the left and look for the “Pop out Chat” choice.? If you would like, you could also remove the annoying ‘ping’ sound with every reply.

Boom and you’re done!? Welcome to the new Facebook chat with a separate window!