My computer fans are always on and they run really loud and I think my computer parts are overheating.? Is there anyway to find out which one exactly is?? In my BIOS I can view some temperatures but its not really a good tool since I can’t test it with putting the computer under load and what not.what program do you recommend?

Monitoring computer heat and temperatures are very important.? By constantly monitoring what your part temperatures are at, you can gauge the range of how hot your parts are running under load and if you have sufficient cooling for your usage.

While there are many system fan monitors or programs that display your temperatures, I mainly only trust one just because I feel the others are not as accurate and there is a very big difference in 5 degrees (C) if the reports were not as close to accurate as possible.

For monitoring system temperatures, I reccomend using CPUID HWMonitor from the same folks who brought you CPU-Z.? The program is freeware and does a great job displaying the current temperature as well as previous lows and highs.? I like to use the low and high display to keep my system idle and then under load to see the range of what my parts operate at.

Try downloading this program and see if it helps you determine if it is your CPU, GPU, HDD or even something else that is making your machine run hot and your fans kick in!