Lefties no longer have to hide behind their right-handed counter parts in the computer world.? With the integration of touch pads to new mouse designs specific to lefties, the other dominant handed computer user have nudged their way back onto the grid.

Microsoft Windows has always allowed a user to customize how the button layout on a mouse works.

If you have a mouse that you are looking to use as a lefty, use Windows 7 configuration tools to switch it over for a left-handed user!

Every copy of Microsoft Windows has a simple way to configure a mouse.? If you are? using Windows 7 (or most likely any other version) open your Control panel by the Start button in the bottom left hand corner and opening up the Control Panel on the right hand side of the new menu that opens.

In the new menu (depending on your configuration of the Control Panel) you may either see an option for Hardware and Sound >> Mouse or just see a straight option for the Mouse on that screen.? Which ever your layout is, choose the mouse menu.

Make sure you are in the button tab and select to Switch the Primary and Secondary Buttons which will invert the normal layout making a left handed person have the ability to use their index finger on the right button of a mouse for the primary click!