Making your entire house wireless is a very cool project.? Removing bulky wires or blue cables that run across a hardwood floor is so last year.

Laptops and cell phones with a wireless router really help make a house technologically up to date, but what do you do with those old desktop computers?? Sure you just bought it last year, but you have to run that ugly blue Ethernet wire to it!? You could just make it wireless…

The first step in making your desktop computer wireless is making sure you’re router is wireless!? This may sound a bit silly, but it is a great step for some of our more novice users.? Be sure to ask someone in the family if you are unsure of what type of router you have, or just Google the product number and search for the keyword “Wireless” on the product description.? You’re looking to see if its either B, G or N capable (each implying the speed the router can transmit wirelessly).

To make your desktop computer wireless, you need to purchase either a PCI wireless adapter or a USB wireless adapter.? A PCI card is a bit more outdated simply because you have to open your computer to install it. For those reasons alone, I like to recommend a USB adapter since its usually plug and install!

The best results for an adapter is one that is made by the same company as your router.? Most router manufacturers, Linksys, D-Link, Netgear…etc, make their own wireless USB adapters for desktop or laptop computers.? Since it is USB, you could also unplug this device from one desktop and move it to another if needed to transfer Internet connections!

Be sure to purchase an adapter that your wireless router allows.? Example, if you’re wireless router only allows a B and G connection, there is no need to purchase an adapter that is for an N router.

Enjoy the new freedom of wireless.