Eclipse is my personal favorite IDE, especially for Java development.? Not only does it provide a great UI, it has countless features that make it one of the best IDE’s on the market; best of all, its free!

One useful tool when working on a project is the ability to use an SVN to store your code online and have it accessible to all the group members on the team.? Places such as Google, now offer ways to set up an SVN directly integrated with your Google account, and you can use these tools to integrate with eclipse.? Unfortunately, the SVN support is not native on the eclipse download, but its quick to install!

To start the process, open up eclipse and stay out of any projects or close anything you have open.? On the navigation bar at the top, choose the Help menu and then click on Install New Software.

Next, open a browser window and go to the download page for Subclipse here.? Subclipse is the SVN add-on we will use with Eclipse.? The latest release at the time of this post is 1.6.x so I will chose the Eclipse Update Site link and copy that.

Back in Eclipse, put the URL in the top bar and select add.? Select the Subclipse box by placing a check mark in it.

Click on Finish and accept the terms and agreement.? It may prompt you over unsigned content but it is safe to approve and continue with the installation.? Once it is finished, the program will restart and you now have SVN support!