I recently bought a new graphics card from a friend, I guess its not so new, but he does not have the graphics card and I’m wondering how to find the drivers? I know its an nVidia because it has the name on the side of the card but can I find the disk somewhere or order it offline?

Finding drivers for unknown hardware is getting easier and easier as the days go on!? Lucky for you, nVidia makes it really simple just by clicking the mouse button a couple times.? Let’s get the drivers loaded on and your new graphics card working.

To install the new graphics card, make sure your computer is completely turned off and everything is unplugged from the computer.? If you are unsure about how to open up your computer or navigating inside your hardware, I HIGHLY suggest you do not touch or try to because you could fry a bunch of your other components or disengage an essential wire.

Install the new card and plug in your cables.? Reboot your computer and wait for Windows to load.? You could try running a Windows Update, but if that fails, navigate to the nVidia website where you will be prompted to download a program which will automatically find what video card you have and download those drivers.

It’s always a good idea to remember what graphics card you have for future programs and drivers, along with the other components in your PC!? Happy new graphics card!