I use Outlook Express but I decided I want to switch to Outlook.? Can I do that and save all my stuff from Outlook Express and put it into Outlook?? Is there any benefit to switch?? Thanks

Outlook is more “powerful” and complete as an email client then Outlook Express because it can integrate more features to your email experience.? Switching Outlook Express is fairly simple and should be quick and painless.

Outlook has a full integrated calender, support for multiple address books and email identities, junk email filters, automatic backups, sync’ing with your other hand held devices and many other features which make it a more complete piece of software to use for your email needs.

First, to switch over from Outlook Express to Outlook, your settings must be imported.

  • Open Outlook and Choose “Import” from the File Menu.
  • Click and open Internet Mail Account Settings,
  • Once it recognizes Outlook Express, follow the on screen prompts…you may change your email name here if you wish.? Proceed when desired.? (Do not change your email address or servers- those are different from your email name and will mess up your email importing)
  • Determine if you’d like to save your password and finish the settings, you should not have to change your internet connection and finish the setup!

Next, your address book needs to be imported.

  • Open Outlook and select Import from the File Menu –> Internet Mail and Address
  • Select Outlook Express and choose BOTH Import Mail & Import Address Book
  • Choose to Import Addresses into Contacts Folder and finish the setup.

After you’ve successfully done both of these steps, you should be good to go in your new ‘more powerful’ email client!