Ever have an embarrassing text message pop up on your iPhone’s home screen that becomes visible to the people around you?? Have a snooping family member who likes to read text messages on the home screen as they arrive?

Locking an iPhone, similar to locking an iPad, is one way to protect your texts that have arrived so that no one can go in and read them without your access code, but now you can also stop the ones that show up on the home screen!

Normally, text messages appear with the response right on the home screen:

We’ll start by unlocking the iPhone and clicking on the settings icon which should be on the first screen of the iPhone.

In the settings page, look for the “Messages” tab which should be a quarter of the way down with a green icon before it:

All we have to do is toggle the first option that gives the choice to “Show Preview.”? Having it ON will show a preview of the text, which is the choice by default, so turning this off will now only show the contacts name followed by “Text Message” on the home screen.

All future messages will look like this image below once the Preview has been disabled:

Save yourself the embarrassment of having an inappropriate text message appear in front of a co-worker or boss and make your text messages more private!