My computer keep restarting at the loading screen, it won’t BSOD or anything,
but it will stop and just restart it’s self, I can’t get anywhere. I tried it in
safe mode and it just said it was missing a file. Any ideas?

Perplexed on how your computer is working fine one day and the next it says its missing a file?? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.? Missing file errors are some of the most common errors out there in the computing world and some are still unknown to programmers and software designers on how they occur.

To get rid of the error, you need to try to reload the file that is claimed to be missing.? Try a couple of these steps to get back the files you may have lost.

1) I first would run a CHKDSK from the Recovery console.? This will look at all the hard disks and fix some of the logical file system errors.

2) Repair install of the Operating System.? Pop in the Operating System disk and navigate to where it will prompt you for a new installation of the disk, when it informs you that you have a current installation of Windows on the hard drive, choose the repair option and let it reload all the necessary vital files.

If you do get it to load into safe mode, you will be able to Turn-off Auto-Restart and hopefully receive a Blue Screen Error/Stop warning message when you next attempt to Boot Normally.

Here’s how to turn off auto-restart: (you can turn it back on after you are finished with this repair by reversing the same steps):

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System
2. Go to Advanced
3. Under the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings
4. Under System Failure un-checkAutomatically restart

Reboot, allowing the machine to attempt to boot normally.? Write down with paper and pencil the exact “full” error message you may be receiving if you experience a Blue Screen Error or Stop Message.? Post the Error Message information as part of your question in our forums, so that we can identify what next steps may be necessary.? More likely, you will need a sequence of questions and answers to deal with the Error/Stop warning that Windows has been bypassing by virtue of the continuous rebooting.

Hopefully one of the first two options will work for you, but if not, we have techs standing by!