Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Windows XP and I just reformatted my computer … My Internet wont scroll and it types really slow. Also I cant get my Micro SD slot to work? It’s built in… I thought I update the Driver through manager under My Computer but it is not working.  How do I get my drivers for this computer…Help Please?!?

One of the most common issues after a reformat of any machine, desktop or laptop, is the trouble of finding all the right drivers that were properly working before you reformatted!  With laptops manufactured by a big named company, you can usually locate most of your drivers from their web site.  Another cool/not-well known way to obtain working drivers is through the Microsoft Windows Update!  Try these steps and you should be back with your original settings soon.

1)  The first step I would recommend trying is the Microsoft Windows Update.  I suggest this over looking on the Dell web site first as there are many different drivers on their web site which can be confusing as they group together optional updates and core drivers.  Navigate to the Microsoft Windows Update page (make sure you are using Internet Explorer or it will not work) and run the scan and look for all available updates.  Install the required updates, do not worry about the optional ones now, but look for the hardware tab.  Browse and select all the hardware updates that pertain to the devices you have and install the updates.  A reboot should allow the drivers to take in effect.

2) If the Microsoft Windows Update does not find all your drivers, look on the Dell web site.  First flip over your laptop and search for the Express Service Code as well as the Service Tag and write them down on a nearby piece of paper.  Then go to the Support section of the web site and search by your service tag.  Navigate to the sections of the drivers you are looking for and look for the ones that say recommended as well as the most recent.  Download and  install!

These are the main ways to get back all your drivers if you do not have the drivers CD that came with your laptop.  You should be up and running after these quick and easy searches!