A friend just gave me their Android phone and it has some of their old data and loaded software and programs they have on.? How can I reset the Android phone to factory settings and make it so it is completely brand new?? I want to remove all settings and downloaded applications.

Wow, keep that friend!? Who ever gives someone else an Android phone is a good friend in my book!? To reset the phone to factory settings, we’ll go into the settings options of your phone and do a couple quick clicks to get it to reset itself.

First, be sure that all the emails, messages, programs, data (contacts…etc) are backed up on that phone because they will not be able to be retrieved once the phone is formatted.

Resetting a phone with factory settings is like getting the phone brand new from the wireless provider.? It cannot be redone and will require re-activation when it reboots.

To reset an Android phone, go into the “Settings” options of the phone (usually a link in the All Programs).? Look for Privacy and at the bottom there is an option to Factory Data Reset.? If you click this, it will confirm your selection and remind you there is no turning back after.

Update: On some new Android devices, it may be under the SD & Phone Storage >> Factory Data Reset

Once you have selected to confirm your choice, just sit back and wait for the phone to reset itself; it will look similar to starting up and powering on the phone as you normally do!