I just installed Windows 7 onto my computer but it does not have Windows Aero enabled for some reason even though I have a very good graphics card.? Is there a reason why it is only using Windows Basic?? Is my video card really not good enough for Windows 7 because that seems ridiculous.? How do I enable it?

Many times, while loading on an operating system, it resorts to its basic settings because it does not have the appropriate drivers to use the full potential of your video card.? A great example is the classic “low resolution” screen when you boot up for the first time during setup where it tries to walk you to finding the best possible resolution for your viewing.

It’s quite simple to turn on Aero; it involves navigating through some of the Performance and Visual Effects settings.

In the Start Menu, type in “Aero” in the search box.? Click on the “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects” that pops up in the results found.

A wizard will pop up (not the one with a pointy hat and a wand) for detecting any problems or issues with Aero.? Click next and let it run a series of checks of the components the computer has and if it can run Windows Aero.? It will look at the amount of video memory, DWM services, themes, power settings and things related to those components to enable and start Aero.

It should fix the issue, but if not, find where the scan marks Red X’s in the problems that were checked.? If something is found, you know what needs to be checked and fixed before you try and restart Aero again.