If you have lost your camera cord, you might be under the impression that all your pictures are lost and you can never use that camera again!? Cameras today are very versatile so the cord itself is almost a formality.

The pictures in your digital camera are stored on an SD (Secure Digital) card that can be directly inserted into your PC, laptop or via adapter.

If you lost your camera cord that connects to your computer via USB, do not worry, you’re only a few steps to connecting and downloading your pictures again!

Look on the side or bottom of your camera for a slot or removable cover.? Expose it and you will find an SD card, potentially next to your battery, which you can push in or pop out.

This type of card may be of any size, but holds all of your picture data and camera information.? Your computer may contain an SD card reader.? It looks like a bunch of tiny slots located in a port or bay where your CD/DVD drive is.? If you have a laptop, it would be a very tiny slot on either the right, left or front of your machine.

Your computer will have the “SD” marking somewhere near it if it is the correct slot.? Simply insert the card into that slot and watch as a new drive magically appears in your My Computer or Desktop location.? It will even prompt you if you would like to download the pictures or just browse folders!

“Look ma, no cord!”