Where do I find the hotspot app for the palm pre plus?? I tried looking for it in my download apps but I do not see it so I don’t know where it is located.? Is it loaded in a different place or is it a setting I need to turn on?

Mobile HotSpot is the the app that sets the Palm Pre Plus away from the Blackberry or iPhone devices.? No other smartphone makes it as easy as the Mobile HotSpot application on the Palm Pre Plus to share an internet connection for up to five devices!

Having trouble finding the actual app?? Well it might not be downloaded so we’ll use the app store to get the application straight to your phone.

The first step is to start the launcher in the bottom.? The launcher is the arrow up looking icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.? You can try to swipe across the screens horizontally and then search each screen vertically to find the mobile hotspot app, the icon is a ring with an antenna and some broadcasting signals, but if you have looked and do not have the item, we’ll download it from the app store.

Look for the App Catalog icon (white shopping bag) and click on the icon to confirm your selection.? In the search bar right at the top of the app, type in “Mobile hotspot” and click search to the right.? Be patient and watch as the applications that match that search term appear on the screen.? The first application should say “Mobile HotSpot” — Free and have a 5 star rating or something similar.? Click the icon and download to your phone!

Tap the program to launch it and create your new network!? I highly recommend you encrypt it with a password as it will make the network safer and keep unwanted visitors away.