Every website needs to support itself to maintain costs, with advertisements as a great way to raise some capital to help with server and other license fees.

Vibrant advertisements are a very popular choice for advertisers to use on their website.? They leave a double line at the bottom of a highlighted word and when a mouse pointer scrolls over the word a little pop up appears on the screen.

If you’d like to remove these advertisements, follow the instructions below to disable them.

Scroll over any Vibrant ad to when the pop up shows up on the screen.? At the top right of the screen, a “?” mark character will be visible to the left of the “X”.

If you click on the Disable Tab (4th from the left), there will be a hypertext link to “Click here to disable.”

Once they are disable the page will be reloaded with no vibrant links and you can browse ad free.

Never click on links purposely because you think you are “helping” the website, but do browse the advertisements in case there is something that sparks your interest!