One of my least favorite things when installing a newly updated version of software is having extra bloatware that bombards my screen when I relaunch the application.

The new version of iTunes 10 has some new sidebar gadgets and trinkets that come pre-installed and launch themselves automatically assuming the user will integrate into the new technology.? Here’s how to disable the Ping Sidebar in iTunes 10.

Disabling the toolbar is pretty simple and easy.? First launch iTunes from your dock below and wait until the application is fully loaded.

Next, select View from the toolbar menu and select to Hide Ping Sidebar.

On a Mac, the hot keys are Command+Shift + G and the Sidebar will slide away.? Windows machines have a similar option, but the command would be Cntrl+Shift+G.

For those of you who are unsure if you’d like to use Ping, check out the page on Apple which discusses the features and usability.? Discover the new “social networking of music” from the industry giant…it could be right for you!