I did some online shopping for the birthdays coming up in my family and all of my family is very good on computers except for me so they always search my history on the internet to see where I shopped!? Can I outsmart them this year and delete the history off of my computer so they can’t tell where I was shopping for them?? Thanks for your help!

I have to say, I’m very impressed that your family goes to such great lengths to find out what you’ve been looking at to determine gifts for one another!? I might have to start using my computer powers for evil come time during the holidays…but in your case, we can wipe your browsing history and even some more in depth cleaning to make sure no one can trace your whereabouts!

We need to clear your history which involves clearing your temporary internet files, browsing history and cookies.

Your temporary internet files are stored in a folder on your computer and if an advanced user gets onto your computer, they can use these files and folders to tell where you’ve been and what you have been looking at!

Browsing history is very self explanatory and is the actual history that pops up from the address bar after you start typing in the www.(and what ever letters).? Removing this will stop those pop ups from coming up since the history will be wiped from the computer.

Cookies sound great but don’t taste the same on a computer!? Cookies are bits of information that are stored to help save your login information and other specific information to one given website.? If someone looked at your “cookies” similar to your temporary internet folder, it would be easy to deduce where you have been.

To wipe your history, go to the Safety button at the top of the page, and click on “Delete Browsing History.”? This will bring up a new pop up menu and be sure that there is a check mark at “Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History” and press OK.

This may take some time, but after it is done deleting those folders and files, you should be all clear and ready to let your other family members use the computer!? Happy shopping!