I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things about having a Facebook page and I want to delete my account.? I don’t see where to do it on the site, how do I delete my Facebook account?

Unfortunately, Facebook never truly lets you delete your account but you can disable it and make sure no one uses that email address again.? Also, it will remove you from being found from other friends or search engines which is what most issues are had with the giant social networking site.

First, I’d like to point out, if you would want to keep your social networking page, you can change your privacy settings in your Account Tab.? You can change it so only your friends can see you and you can’t be found by random people.? It has options to remove your name and page from search engine results so big sites like Google and Yahoo will NOT index you in their pages.

If you’d still like to deactivate your account, go the Account tab at the top and look for Account Settings.? In that link, the bottom of the page has a “deactivate account” link.? Choose the reason you are deactivating your account, confirm your password and the security check and wait for the confirmation email that Facebook will send in minutes.

Be safe with your social networking pages…too many younger generations are going to be scared very quickly from what they put up and will unfortunately have to pay the price later in life.