Google has an awesome line up of applications to integrate to your email from Google Voice (a phone number) to Google Docs!

Google Documents is a great alternative to those users who might not have Microsoft Word or Open Office (Free), but it also makes collaboration and working together on a single document simultaneously very easy.

The first step to an easy approach on how to create a new Google Doc, is to sign into your Gmail account.? If you do not have a Gmail account, its a pretty straightforward and quick process to sign up for an account.? Gmail is very useful even as a secondary inbox because it works well at filtering out garbage!? Some people choose to forward all of their email accounts into a Gmail account because it can be filtered, sorted, labeled, starred…etc.

After you’re in your new (or existing) inbox, navigate to the top and you will notice a ton of links to things like, calendar, or web or DOCUMENTS!

Click on the “Documents” link and a new window/tab will open up!? To create a new document, move your mouse a couple spots lower from the Documents link to locate the “Create new” option.? Select the type of document (similar to a Word doc or an Excel Spreadsheet) and name your new item by clicking on the “Untitled Document” text at the top of the new blank window.

After you have a new name, click on the “Private to me” link if you’d like to add on new users who can view the document or edit it!? You can simultaneously update via email to all the editors and viewers on a document to let them know a change has been made!

If you’ve been looking for an easy way for users to simultaneously work on a document over time or at the SAME exact time, Google documents is the way to go!