How Do I Convert a PDF Document to a PPT.? I would like to make a presentation for my class and I have a PDF document that I want to use in my PowerPoint presentation.

Both Adobe and Microsoft make it very easy to convert a PDF document into a PPT.? PDF documents are great as they are universal to all computers and the support of free software allows all users to open the files versus some other options such as Office products.? PDF documents are not as strong for presentations so moving your PDF document to a PPT for a presentation would be easy enough for anyone to do!

To convert a PDF document to a PowerPoint presentation, open both the Adobe document and Microsoft PowerPoint.? In your Adobe document, navigate to the top tool bar and click the “Document” drop-down menu.? Look for the option and click on “OCR Text Recognition” and then select the “Recognize Text Using OCR” option.

Next, click “Edit” at the top toolbar and then “Copy File to Clipboard.”? In your PowerPoint document, at the top toolbar, click “Edit” and then “Paste.”? You could take only partial parts of your PDF document by doing the control copy and select what ever you want and then pasting that into the PPT file.