I found this site for some technical help, I hope you guys do stuff with mobile phones and those ear piece devices.? Recently, I got a ticket for driving while talking on my cell phone and my wife flipped out and rushed out to buy me one of these ear piece devices to fit in my phone.? She hooked it up to her phone but now it won’t connect to mine.? Is this thing broken already or am I doing something wrong?? Please help me so I can start driving and talking without getting tickets.

I’ve become a fan of the Bluetooth pieces, quite frankly it helps prevent accidents and avoids pesky drivers who are paying more attention to their conversation rather then the road.not to mention names but the 18 year old teenage girl group.? While I’m sure you are more responsible with your calls, it is the law to use hands free devices such as the Jabra Bluetooth line.? I personally recommend the Jabra headset’s, I own a couple myself.

The reason your Bluetooth is not connecting to your device is because it is already linked to your wife’s phone.? Bluetooth devices usually do not allow to be hooked to more then one phone so we’ll have to reset it first and then hook it onto your phone.

Lets start by turning off your Bluetooth device.? After you are sure it’s off, hold the power button for around 20-30 seconds. Release the button and you should see the device start blinking.? On your cell phone, enable the Bluetooth and in your options, search for a new device.

The Jabra headset should appear in your device list now.? Click on it and the two devices should auto pair without a passcode.? If you are prompted for a passcode, try the default of 0000 or 1111.

You’re now connected and ready to use your cell phone in your car.? As always it is advised to avoid calling and driving, but I prefer a Bluetooth headset then using the build in Bluetooth on a car GPS because I prefer that everyone not have the privilege to listen to my personal calls