My PC is connected to a router, and router is connected to my modem. In network
connections its showing that I am connected but when I go to access the internet,
the browser just loads but it does not connect to anything! I’ve tried to repair the connection, and it still will not let me on the internet. iTunes, aim..Nothing will connect. Could someone please help me with this problem.?

Don’t quote me on this, but I’d like to say that the problem you have is the most common computer networking issue on the net!? There are a couple different hunches I have about your situation but we’ll try some troubleshooting steps to see if the router is not communicating with the modem or vice versa.

The fact that you are “connected” to the router is the first step in deducting that the computer is communicating with the router properly, but obviously there’s a break in the chain somewhere the router and modem are trying to connect.

Let’s try connecting your computer to the internet bypassing the router.? Turn off your modem and hook up your modem to your computer via the Ethernet cable and turn the modem back on.? Using the disk that came with the modem or the network wizard, connect to the modem.? You may be prompted to include an email or password to connect to your service.? If you do not have this information, I recommend you contact your ISP who should be able to help release this information to you with the correct verification information.

Try starting your internet and see if that works.? If the internet does not work, you may have a problem with your line running into your house and need a service technician to come out and check out the problem.? If it does connect, try hooking the setup again to include your router.? You may have to configure your router in the administrative panel (instructions can be found by googling how to get into your main page to your router) and include the email and password or login information to your modem in the setup of your router.

By including the login information, this helps your router unlock your modem to connect to the internet.

Using these troubleshooting methods should get you back to surfing online again!