One of the biggest and most frequent questions I hear all the time is “how do I clean up my email accounts?”

Everyone is careless with their email address one time or another, so its bound to get cluttered from SPAM and unwanted email.

Here’s my approach to a clean inbox.

Before I discuss anything about SPAM email, I want to talk about cleaning up unwanted clutter in an email inbox.? Think of your inbox like your desk and organize it accordingly.

You can create folders for related types of email and file them accordingly (also future email can be sent straight to that folder) as well as color code priority emails and flag certain emails for quick recollection if needed.? Outlook 2010 supports a whole line of features for archiving and sorting email.

To keep your inbox really clean, avoid unwanted email…aka SPAM.? Stop giving out your email? like its candy.? Be thrifty and protective of that account.? Create a junk account if you really must, and I suggest a provider like Gmail for its SPAM filters.

It’s much easier to create a junk account for the email address you give out to companies for coupons and the email you use to shop around with since that account will most certainly be hit with a bombardment of hot deal emails and BUY NOW subject lines.

Another great tool people always seem to forget is to unsubscribe from those mailing lists.? On the bottom of most emails, there is a link to unsubscribe.? Make sure you only open these emails if you know the company and reason you are obtaining the emails otherwise you may open something malicious on your PC.

Clean up your trash cans, and always download large files (PowerPoints, music, videos) to your desktop as they will clog your inbox.? Most?big?service providers like Yahoo! and Google give you enough space where you do not have to do so, but work accounts limit their employee email inboxes.

Use folders, color coding and avoid SPAM.