Ever wonder how to clean your grimy LCD screen?? Have too many finger prints on your laptop monitor because you touch the screen while opening or readjusting?

Dirty and dusty LCD screens are disgusting and no one should have to suffer the pain of trying to watch a movie or view the web while on a smudged up screen.? Before you reach for the Windex and ruin a completely good monitor, try these proper techniques on cleaning your LCD screen.

There are hundreds of kits out there you can buy from your local computer store that come with a dry soft cloth and a squirt bottle of some liquid mixture.? While those are great, they can get expensive over time.

The important thing to remember is that LCD screens are NOT glass so traditional glass cleaners would damage the screen.? Also, tap water that contains hundreds of chemicals and unfiltered tidbits could also cause some problems in the future for your monitor.

Ideally, the mix you are going for is a 50/50 split of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.? You want to make sure you are using a soft handkerchief or a t-shirt and nothing harsh like a napkin or paper towel.

Do not spray the screen directly or when it is powered on.? Turn off the power, damp the cloth with your solution and wipe it gently on the screen.? Let it naturally air dry and then power on your new clean and sharp display.

If all else fails, use this link.? That product may leave other messes to clean.