Hi, I know computer security starts with your password, but it seems today like everyone recommends some crazy password that I have to write down and leave on the side of my computer anyway which defeats the purpose.? Any real help in finding a password that works?

A solid password is your first defense to computer security, especially in the cases of identity theft or just the plain old vanilla hacking onto your machine.? Ever have the suspicion that someone is trying to log into your accounts without your permission?? Don’t make it easy for them by making your password your initials and birthday or the name of the family dog…use some of these tips to make a good password.

Just like any good stock or investment portfolio, the key to success is diversification.? Most password suggestions will include any lower case and upper case “a” character (some letter in the alphabet), a numerical character “1” (anything between 0-9) and some special character “*” (something that’s not used in seen on any standard English word).

The key to memorizing and finding a password that works for you is using this diversification principle but disguising how you use it.? You also need to take into consideration different passwords for different things.? Never have your computer password be the same one to login to your bank account or other vital information accounts!

For example, let’s try a password for your computer: c101HS8(l)

^That seems like a random enough password right?? Here’s the explanation: “c”- its my password for the computer, I might use a different letter for by bank account or email clients.? Birthday (chose a random January 1st) but put in your real birthday!? HS- my initials, and I feel important so I capitalize them, don’t put yourself down, stand tall!? The HS also has double meaning and it could stand for Homer Simpson which I drew out “8(l)” at the end.

Make your password fun, but complex.? It’s like a password to a diary, its some of your most private and common things about yourself, but only YOU know what they are and how they work together.