I bought a new computer and had my friend’s son reformat the computer because I did not want all the pre-loaded software on there.? Unfortunately, he put my computer name as just a generic name and I’d like to change that.? Is this possible?

What would a computer be if it did not have the ability to be customizable!? We all make mistakes, and Windows software allows for those mistakes to be changed.

If you wish to change the name of the account that displays on your Start Menu, we’ll start by editing your account information.

First, navigate to the Start Menu and open up the Control Panel.? Look for the User Account option and click on the link.? It will open up a panel that should have your desktop name icon near the name that is currently displayed as your login name.

You should find a couple of links to the left of that icon which will allow you to edit the account information.? Be sure that you are the account administrator to make changes to the computer and the account information otherwise you will not be able to edit any changes.

Select “Manage Accounts” and then you will have the option to edit the login name, password, icon…etc.

This user account option is also the area where you can disable the User Account Control that prompts those messages to verify that you are the account administrator.? I recommend disabling those messages for convenience ONLY if you consider yourself very computer savvy and understand the risks and changes you are making to your computer and have ample computer security and protection knowledge.