I just found my old iPod from when I bought my old computer and now when I’m trying to use it, it says I have to enter in a 4 digit security lock code.  Is there anyway to bypass this code so I can access my iPod and use it again?  Thanks!!!

It’s always nice to find old gadgets again and be able to restore and use them.  An iPod is an awesome little thing to find, but it can be annoying when you don’t have the old lock code.  Try these simple tricks to get back to blasting music once again!

–Hook up the iPod back into the original machine it was first plugged into.  Use your USB cable to connect the iPod back into iTunes and it when you disconnect iPod from the computer, it will no longer be locked.  From there you could reset the lock combination or do away with it completely.

–If you do not have the primary computer that the iPod was first synced with, you could restore the iPod.  Warning: The restore process cannot be undone. All of your songs and files will be deleted. Always make a backup of your important data.  If you need help on learning how to restore your iPod, visit this link to the Apple support site.  After the restoration, put back all your old music and videos via sync’ing or the drag and drop method.  Restoring your iPod may be a better idea if your iPod has not been in use for a while–>it will load on the newest software available for your generation.

Once you restore your iPod you can sync it to a different computer which will become the primary machine for any future needs.

This should help you unlock your old iPod and get you back to listening to your favorite tunes!