Ever get annoyed by all those advertisements that pop up on web pages?? Try using an advertisement blocker on your browser to remove them or block their annoying flashy banners.

Ad blockers also help speed up your internet connection (or at least it gives that impression).? Flash advertisements and banners are objects that have to be loaded in a web page and use up bandwidth just like regular web objects, so by using an ad blocker, you can cut the load time for websites!

One of the best ad blockers out there is AdBlock Plus for Firefox.? It’s a great add-on that any Firefox browser user should have installed!

Download it from the website, activate it as an add on and then watch as those advertisements magically disappear.

For other browsers, a simple Google Search for Ad Blocker + ‘name of browser’ should do the trick.? Make sure you read the reviews and you should never have to pay for a good add-on.

Here’s a quick overview of the installation and how to get started with Ad Blocker Plus: