Bookmarks are becoming more and more important in our world today, as the number of websites increase exponentially.? Searching through big search engines like Google are a risky way to find previous websites as there are billions of websites that come up in search results.

If you’re very protective of your bookmarks and rely on them heavily, you should make sure you backup your bookmarks!

Open Firefox and verify all your bookmarks are there!? Once you have verified the bookmarks are organized and all set in the folders you wish to backup, click the Bookmarks menu in the top navigation toolbar.? Move your mouse a couple spots down to “Organize Bookmarks” and wait for a new window to open up.

In some older versions of Firefox, you will be able to select the File >> Bookmarks Manager >> Export >> Export Bookmark File and then find a place to save it.? I recommend including a copy on your external backup source as well.

For newer versions of Firefox, the bookmark window will have 4 buttons below the title bar including one that has a star icon.? Click on that icon and choose to backup the .json file to your destination of choice!

As always, to restore these backups to a new install or another computer, instead of choosing to export, select import and provide the path to where your backup was saved!