Hi, I got a new computer and I want to put on my old iTunes music that I downloaded off of CD’s and stuff onto my new iTunes.? Is there anyway to do this?? I do not have the old CD’s and its a pain to format them the way I had them before.? Thanks for your help.

iTunes is very easy to backup contrary to popular belief.? Not only will you be able to back up and transfer your music, but you’ll be able to recover anything you purchased and downloaded from your account as well as persevere the way you formatted your music if you changed the artist name, album or song title.

First, I suggest installing iTunes on your new computer.? Download the software here and make sure you install and update it complete.? You can choose to “manually update your library” to edit the song information automatically.

To backup your old music, on the old computer, navigate to your “My Documents” folder and backup your “My Music” and more importantly your “iTunes” folder which should be located in your “My Music” folder.? If this is on am Apple, this would be located in the “Music” folder.

Transfer the files from your older computer to your new computer via an external hard drive, or you can choose the Back up option in iTunes from the actual program but that will use DVD’s and require a lot more time to burn the music and then re-rip it to your hard drive.

When transfering the music from one computer to another, simply copy the folder to its matching directory on the other machine.? It may ask if you want to replace the folder or merge it with the one you are copying over and answer “Yes” to this prompt.? If you do not merge the folders, it will not copy over your new music.