I just got a new Macbook Pro and I want to add widgets to the dashboard.? Where exactly is the dashboard and how do I add a new widget to it?

The Apple Macbook, laptop and desktop computers, have a dashboard which allows all different types of widgets.? These widgets perform handy functions that make life on the computer much more simple.? For example, try the weather widget to let you know the weather or a calculator or even a widget that monitors packages coming to your house.? Unlike the Windows Sidebar or widget applications, they stay hidden until you chose to show them.

To view the dashboard, hit the F4 button at the top of your keyboard.? Do not use the Fn+F4 because that will activate the key to be an actual “F4” function and not the icon as displayed on the keyboard.

The screen will go dim and a new screen will overlay what ever is in your background; welcome to your dashboard.

To add a widget, look at the bottom left corner, there will be a plus sign which you can click.? If you click it, a bottom banner will appear to scroll and find new widgets such as an ESPN scoreboard or stock monitoring.? You can find other widgets to download and install on the Apple website; try the most popular ones!