I downloaded the Windows 7 RC from Microsoft after reading some posts here, but now it says I have to activate it with a key?? I did not put in any key during the install and it worked but it will not let me do that anymore?? What should I do, I do not want the computer to lock on me but I do not want to spend money right now for this because it’s only a Release!? Please help!

Windows 7 was a well written OS, but the directions to get a product key and how the activation works was slopped together.? If you downloaded the Windows 7 RC and did not enter a key during the installation you are fine; I assure your copy is legitimate.

The installation of Windows 7 is very quick, especially in comparison to some of the other operating systems out there and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you felt on the OS itself, but lets first get a product key for your install.

Open a new browser and navigate to Microsoft TechNet.? TechNet is a resource for a lot of users for downloads, support, language guides and in your case, a product key!

In the top right corner, sign in with your Windows Live ID.? If you do not have one, create one; it takes a only a few seconds.

Open a new tab in your browser after you have created the account and are signed in.? Click the link below based on your install and it will spit out a key for you.? If you are unsure which you have installed, then use the 64 bit key as it is universal for both the 32 and 64 bit installs.

32-Bit Product Key 64-Bit Product Key

You should be able to refresh the page or try in a bit if the page displays an error or time out.

As stated above before, let us know of your Windows 7 experience.? By making everyone more aware of the likes and dislikes of the software, it will help improve the OS itself when the revisions are made.? Look for the actual final release to be out soon!