I have a hitchhiker that came on one night when I was surfing the net. It came up, when I clicked on the wrong thing, like to download a movie or something. Now, at the bottom of my desktop tool a red round icon that turns blue and a question marks shows up with a cartoon like deal that shows up saying Spylocked. This won’t go away. I can hide it, but I have tried using this hitchhiker deal you have, but must be doing something wrong, cause I cannot get rid of it. Am I going to have to uninstall my Windows XP and reinstall to get rid of it? Let me know? I think its being like spammed in a way, like they are the only spyware that can get rid of it. I don’t trust them anyway that is a dirty low down trick to play on folks. Please tell me step by step what to do.

What you describe is unfortunately all too common these days. There seems to be a never ending parade of these infections (listed at the bottom of this post). Recently they are most often installed with a malicious video codec. What they all have in common is they display false system warnings, and the appearance of a legitimate application. They attempt to sell the application to “fix” the false errors and warnings. You are correct that it is similar to being spammed, and you should never purchase the application they installed without your consent.

Fortunately, SmitFraudFix (by S!Ri) is a free tool that can be used to easily remove these infections. Instruction for SmitfraudFix can also be found in our forums. If you’ve found SmitfraudFix helpful, please consider a donation to help S!Ri continue his work. He’s invested a lot of time, and continues investing time keeping it updated.

Infections that can be removed with SmitfraudFix: AdwarePunisher, AdwareSheriff, AlphaCleaner, Antispyware Soldier, AntiVermeans, AntiVermins, AntiVerminser, AntiVirGear, AntivirusGolden, AVGold, BraveSentry, MalwareWipe, MalwareWiped, MalwaresWipeds, MalwareWipePro, MalwareWiper, PestCapture, PestTrap, PSGuard, quicknavigate.com, Registry Cleaner, Security iGuard, Smitfraud, SpyAxe, SpyCrush, SpyDown, SpyFalcon, SpyGuard, SpyHeal, SpyHeals, SpyLocked, SpyMarshal, SpySheriff, SpySoldier, Spyware Vanisher, Spyware Soft Stop, SpywareLocked, SpywareQuake, SpywareKnight, SpywareSheriff, SpywareStrike, Startsearches.net, TitanShield Antispyware, Trust Cleaner, UpdateSearches.com, Virtual Maid, Virus Protect Pro, VirusBlast, VirusBurst, VirusRay, Win32.puper, WinHound, Brain Codec, DirectAccess, DirectVideo, EliteCodec, eMedia Codec, FreeVideo, Gold Codec, HQ Codec, iCodecPack, iMediaCodec, Image ActiveX Object, IntCodec, iVideoCodec, JPEG Encoder, Key Generator, Media-Codec, MediaCodec, MMediaCodec, MovieCommander, MPCODEC, My Pass Generator, Online Image Add-on, Online Video Add-on, PCODEC, Perfect Codec, PowerCodec, PornPass Manager, PornMag Pass, PrivateVideo, QualityCodec, Silver Codec, SiteEntry, SiteTicket, SoftCodec, strCodec, Super Codec, TrueCodec, VideoAccess, VideoBox, VidCodecs, Video Access ActiveX Object, Video ActiveX Object, Video Add-on, VideoCompressionCodec, VideoKeyCodec, VideosCodec, WinAntiSpyPro, WinMediaCodec, X Password Generator, X Password Manager, ZipCodec…