The best gifts of the season are always the ones that you can plug in. Techy gifts are more popular than ever and who could argue against them. I?ve found some of the best ideas of the season that work on a personal or family level that serve as a practical, as well as more pleasurable gift. Check out these top notch gadgets and wrap one for your loved ones this year!

1) The ever so popular gaming market just got even better with the addition of the Playstation 3 (nicknamed the PS3). I support this as one of the best things to grab for the family, as it can be a gift for everyone.It?s most common function serves as the ultimate gaming machine with top of the line graphics for the most real experience the gaming industry. People of all ages can find a game that suite their interests as well as family games that offer playability for all family members to participate together. It is a wonderful blu-ray player; the ultimate experience in crystal clear high-definition picture and theater-quality sound. Connect it to the internet and download movies straight from online sources for a small fee or throw up vacation pictures on the big screen rather than crowding around a small computer monitor. Some other hidden features the PS3 boasts is its ability to donate its used CPU usage to help find the cures for cancer. ?With Stanford University’s Folding@Home project, your PS3 system can help research diseases whenever you’re using Life with PlayStation. Folding@Home is distributed computing project, where people from around the world download and run the Folding@Home software and together they make up one of the largest supercomputers in the world.? Grab one of these for just under 400. Look in local ads and flyers for bundle deals!

2) Flat Panel Television:If you are still watching TV and movies off you?re old bulky TV, this part of the post is for you. Treat yourself to a large flat screen TV and experience true HD channels and a clearer/brighter picture. Cable companies now offer programming in HD which is miles ahead of regular standard definition programming; chances are you already get these channels and can?t utilize their full potential with your old tube.Flat screen prices are falling to the floor and prices can now be found for under $1,000 for a large 50? screen. Pop into a local retailer and check out the picture and try to deny the quality upgrade. Ask around here on the forums which type of Flat Panel TV would be better (Plasma/LCD) and at what size. Chances are someone can also point you to a great bargain!

3) Apple Ipods: Revolutionize the way you work out and grab a set of these for the entire family. With health care prices soaring and the cost of doctors? visits and time off for work increasing exponentially, the only way to save some money is to stay in shape. After tons of research, it?s been discovered the lack of exercise is due to an insufficient sustainable source of motivation. I can almost guarantee that one of these babies can change your tune about working out and it will have you stepping into the gym more than you would believe! Pop this sucker into your computer, grab your favorite pump up jams and head out. You can even download TV shows you missed from the other night or podcasts ranging from news around the globe or how to prepare the perfect dinner in 30 minutes.

The holidays are about giving, so why not give a gift that will really be used this year. Grab one of these for yourself and change your life?help along those New Year resolutions or make your home the ?cool? place to hang out!

Happy Shopping!