My computer tends to run really slow and when I check the CPU usage using CRTL+ALT+DEL it brings up the Task Manager which says I have 100% CPU usage due to cmdagent.exe.? What is this and how do I get rid of it?? I?m scared to stop the process because I?m not sure if that will crash my system.? Thanks for the help

To start, you did the right thing by investigating the problem and identifying it as cmdagent.exe in your task manager, and you were even more cautious by not removing it as you were unsure of the responsibilities of this process.? Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a geek detective (I know it sounds exciting)!? Cmdagent.exe is a safe process; it is not malware, and is a system protection process that is used for providing a firewall.? It is known to sometime catch up on itself and in my opinion, I think it can be done away with.? Try these steps to get back up and running without having the cmdagent.exe process use up your system resources!

Cmdagent.exe is a process for the Comodo Firewall.? I suggest we remove it from your system and download the latest version or use a different firewall.

Download the latest version from Comodo Firewall or we can activate the Windows Firewall by a quick search in your Network Security options.? After you have chose either option, remove the internet connection running into your system.? This insures any type of infection will not be allowed into the system while your firewall is disabled.

Navigate to Add or Remove Programs and uninstall the firewall.? After reboot your computer.? When you come up to your desktop, either install the new version of the firewall or enable to Windows built in firewall (an equally sufficient option).

Comodo usually hangs up with this 100% usage when it is trying to update the software, and can receive a bad file/bad update which it will not be able to recognize and ?freak out? trying to install it.? If you update the software manually using this same update, it will spit you out an error like ? error 109? which is your signal you have found a bad update.

Good luck!