Uh, guys? y?all gotta tell your friends not to store usernames and passwords in public documents – at least, not without protecting them with passwords themselves. More importantly, the last thing you want to do is set a reminder for yourself in Google Calendar and leave the login credentials in the reminder AND set it for public viewing. Dude. Seriously. Lockergnomie Michael Kuhn sent this to me on Friday:

Google has just created an enormous security problem.

Go to your Google calendar web page.

Enter ?user password? in the search box.

Click the Search Public Events button.

Scroll down to find many user id?s and passwords for every imaginable thing.

It?s not so much a ?security problem? as much as it is ?the user isn?t being educated? problem. And believe me, there are plenty of results in the public listings that should not be there.

Via: Chris.Pirillo.com