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driving to work this morning my truck decides it has gone far enough and dies while on the freeway,
trying to restart it did not work,
had to call my neighbors to come pick me up,
from the house I called a wrecker to take the truck to Goodyear
well, it must not be that great of a year for them,
after 4 hours with my truck, they had no answers
the truck would run for them and only die occasionally
so they could not finish their diagnostics…
I take the truck back from them, paying only for the wrecker service,
and go to the auto parts store named O’reilly’s
the tech in there suggested the Ignition Control Module may be the fault or as I thought as well the possible Feul Filter which is located under the truck,
after 30 minutes at home I had removed the Ignition Control Module and replaced it with the new one and noticed the Rotor under the distributor cap could use a change, so
I went back to O’reilly’s with the old Ignition Control Module and had them test it on their diagnostic machine,
it faulted on the second and third test of it consistantly…
went to Kwik Car Lube to have them change out the Feul Filter I had already purchased and they told me the old one was almost completely clogged
so in less than 2 hours without all the fancy diagnostic tools that Goodyear has but did not use, I corrected the problem

I want to make it clear…
I am not a mechanic


Now to make sure GoodYear knows of this problem above and that I have posted about it here, I did send them an email with the link to this post.

I also called the tech at O’reilly’s by phone and let him know that I appreciated his help and that I was posting this tale on my site.