I was browsing around on the Palm Pre Plus today and downloaded an app called “Drinking Trivia” which had some interesting facts about technology.

I compiled a list of some of my favorite facts that I thought people would find interesting.? There are some shocking pieces of trivia so read it and pass it along to a friend!

1.? What percent of 11 year olds in the US have cell phones…36%

2.? Average pencil (non-mechanical) can draw a continuous line that is how long?…35 miles

3.? How many times does the average user blink a minute? …7 times

4.? How many ATM’s in Antarctica…1

5.? For every non pornographic website, there are 5 pornographic websites!!! (WOW)

6.? How many hours worth of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute?…10 hours

7.? How many years did it take for the internet to reach 50 million users…5 years (shocking because now everyone has it)

The two that standout to me the most have to be the fact about the 11 year old cell phone users and the ratio of websites.? What shocks you the most?