How do I unlock my iPod?? I do not remember the code that I set it too and it’s been a while since I’ve turned it on.

I’ve done a post on this in the past but it looks like it hasn’t stuck so I thought I’d make another as a review for those who need it!

The iPod is a tricky device to unlock and I cannot promise that I can give you secret cracks to do the job, but we can try some things to unlock your iPod.

The first and best choice is to hook up the iPod to the original computer it was synced too.? The primary computer will automatically unlock the device and then you can go into the settings and change the code or turn it off entirely.

If you do not know the original PC or do not have it anymore, there are only a few options you have left.? This second option is not one I recommend unless you’re more tech savvy and I do have not done it before so proceed at your own risk.

Plug your computer in and open its folder when it pops into My Computer.? Change your folder viewing options in the window to ?View all Hidden Files and Folders.?? Navigate to the ipod_control >> device >> and look for a folder such as _Unlocked or _Locked.? Some say you can open this with a text editor and the 4 digit password is in that file.

The last thing to do is to restore and wipe your iPod which will delete all your data but it will unlock your iPod.? Just plug in your iPod to any computer with iTunes and right click to properties.? Choose the restore option and proceed with onscreen instructions.