I forgot my Yahoo! password and I do not know how to recover it?? What information could I possibly give them in order to recover my password back?? Please help me, I have email I need to respond to!

A forgotten password is common as the technological age is forcing us to create more passwords, each with more complex numbers and letters than the last.

If you’ve forgotten a password or your Yahoo! ID, we can outline a simple procedure which you can provide simple information to recover your email identity!

The first step in recovering your forgotten Yahoo! password is to navigate to their sign-in problem page.? They offer full support forgotten passwords, forgotten user names, problems with a password that does not work and support for email accounts that may have been compromised.

If you select the first option to recover your password, the wizard will ask you for specific information to confirm that it is truly you who is asking for this information.? You may be promoted for your birthday (the specific date you filled out in registration), zip code and country code if needed.

Yahoo! will not send you the old password back but a link to reset the password to something else you can remember.? Sometimes they will ask if you’d like to send the link or temporary password to the registered mobile number you connected or an alternative email account you registered with your Yahoo! account.

Good luck!