Can I bypass the password protection on my external hard drive? My old laptop’s motherboard is toast, and I’m waiting on a new one. The external hard drive has some things on it that I need to retrieve for the new computer, but I can’t remember the password to save my life. If I can’t bypass it, then can the password be retrieved?

It’s difficult when you forget a password, especially if the data on the password protected hard drive is of value.? Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is much you can do.? Try some of these steps to see if they can help you unlock your external device.

The only real solution or hope that you have is looking for a reset button on the external device.? The reset button is on the back of the device and is most likely located where the power supply or USB connection hooks into:

If you do have one of these buttons, power off the device and unplug the device from all the power cords or connections running into the box and hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds.? You may need to use a paper clip or another similar tool to press the button.

If this works, it should reset the device to the default user name and password which is usually blank.

If your device is not equip with a reset button, I regret telling you that some of your data may be lost.? You could try to call the manufacture for some special software but its hard to determine if the device has been stolen and someone is trying to crack into the hard drive to provide further detail.? I recommend trying passwords you use for your other accounts or user settings and to write the password down in another hidden file somewhere on your machine for next time!