Surprisingly enough, Linux is the best solution if you want to get away from Windows…and malware…and crapware…

Check out some of these apps if you run Linux Ubuntu for some of my most recommended applications!

My favorite applications that I highly recommend:

    Wine ( Windows Compatibility/translator ? allows you to run Windows Applications on Linux.

    Parcellite Clipboard Manager. Better than the Windows clipboard, especially when it runs in your system tray. Yes, available for Windows; but it runs at top speed and compatibility on Linux. Who can beat that great Microsoft Office Alternative? Not even Google can top SunMicrosystems on that!

    The GIMP…aka Photoshop for Linux. While GIMP runs slow on Macintosh and Windows, it runs blazingly faster on Linux. The application start on Linux in 10 seconds versus other operating systems at 60-70 seconds.

    FileZilla: best FTP app I have ever used!

    Pidgin Instant Messenger: better than Trillian and has all IM services wrapped in to one!

    amaroK: good speed, friendly media player! Beats Windows Media Player, that’s for sure!

    VLC media player: media player to use most codecs with ease. Watching DVDs, downloaded Youtube videos, and music playing ? all easy.

    Flash player: having a flash player for Ubuntu is important so you can see rich content on the internet. As web development grows, more webmasters are upgrading their technology to flash. Get Adobe flash to avoid such problems.

    MythTV: an idol for Windows Media Center. Just kidding. It is just a great skinned desktop media environment, similar to Windows Media Center. A great DVR that works best. If MythTV does not function right in Ubuntu, then getting the operating system Mythbuntu will take care of that.