Are you experiencing a really slow start up on your Mac computer?

Whether you are running Windows or Mac OS X, every computer has a list of programs that are run when your computer first boots into the desktop.? Due to this nature, the computer may start up much slower due to the large number of programs that a user may have starting up.

The best practice is to review these applications and decide which do not need to be opened at boot.? You’re start up time will improve exponentially.

Open your System Preferences icon (the set of gears) in your dock menu.? There will be an icon for Accounts usually on the bottom left hand corner.

Click on an individual name or the only name for the computer and on the center of the screen you will see a tab for “Login Items.”

Once that menu is open, you can use the plus or minus options on the screen to either add a new program or delete one from starting up right when your computer boots up.

I really recommend the most minimal programs to remain on that list, as you can easily click on programs like iTunes or Skype, Steam…etc. once you are loaded.? Keeping these programs off the start up menu will save you huge system resources and make your computer feel a bit faster.

Be careful not to remove ‘iTunes Helper’ instead of iTunes.? That is the process which helps identify when your iPod or other device is plugged in so it can open in iTunes.